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The Sandburg Village Condominium Homeowners Association Board, Fitness Formula Club and the HOA Management team believe strongly that safety comes first and much consideration has gone into the final decision about the opening of the village pools and tennis center/courts during these unprecedented times.

While we know that some residents will not agree with our approach, we must always consider what is generally best for the entire community.  With that being said; at the HOA board meeting on 6/24/20, the Board decided to keep the pools and tennis center/courts closed for the 2020 season based on the opinions from HOA legal counsel and insurance, the HOA Board’s fiduciary duty of fiscal responsibility and the City of Chicago phasing plans.

We thank you for your patience and understanding and we look forward to seeing everyone in summer 2021. 

Our Village residents enjoy the convenient location of our Village property in relation to the city, and also have the availability of on-site amenities and facilities.
Sandburg Village HOA 2019 Schedule of Fees (PDF will open in new window or tab)

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There are two swimming pools in Sandburg Village, one at the south end of the Village in the 1200 block and the other at the north end in the 1500 block. With membership in the Sandburg Pools you enjoy access to either or both pools throughout the four-month season. Swimming updates will be coming within the last week of May*

A registered pool member must accompany all guests. Pool members are limited to 4 guests per adult member.

North Pool Phone (312) 440-3625

mageNorth Pool


South Pool Phone (312) 440-3622

- South Pool Image Coming Soon -

Stop by the HOA office for an application or view and print the 2019 Pool Membership application (Download).
NOTE: Depending on your browser, the pool application may automatically download, or open in a new browser window or tab.


Sandburg Village Pool Rules 2020


 1. All pool members and their guests must observe pool rules and adhere to lifeguard requests in the interest of safety. Failure to follow rules will be given a written warning, after 2 warnings your membership will be revoked but if anyone deemed unruly by the pool staff, under the influence of alcohol or exhibiting erratic behavior will be required to leave the pool premises immediately, will be given a written warning and/or may suffer immediate loss of membership without privilege of refund. 

2. Everyone entering the pool premises is required to stop at the check-in desk and present a valid pool membership card each time.

3. A registered pool member must accompany all guests. Pool members are limited to 4 guests per adult member. Rule violations by a member’s guest(s) may result in pool membership revocation.

4. Members who alter their membership cards, or allow transfer to another party, shall forfeit their membership privileges for the remainder of the season without a refund.

5. A membership card will not be granted until the member’s photo is taken and is in the computer system. (Photos can be taken at the North and South pools and at FFC Old Town.) 


6. All access to South Pool must be through the main entrance.

7. Locker rooms must be used for all changing purposes, all members must be properly clothed on pool premises

8. Lockers are for daily use only, any overnight storage is strictly prohibited. Items left overnight will be removed.

9. All members must be vacated from the locker rooms and pool premises at scheduled closing times, no exceptions.  Lifeguards will give an announcement 10 minutes prior to closing.

10.No smoking allowed on pool premises and within 15 feet of the pool exits

11. Rubber pants or swim diapers must be worn by children who are not toilet trained

12.All persons entering the pool are required to take a shower. Footbath must be used prior to entering the roped off area.

13.Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult member (18 or older) at all times. Children who are not properly supervised will be asked to leave.

14.If supervising adults leave the pool premises at any time, children in their charge must also leave with them.

15.Children using flotation devices for safety purposes will only be allowed in the pool area under strict supervision of an adult in the water.  Any flotation device that disrupts usage of the pool for other members will be asked to be removed from the pool premises at the discretion of lifeguards on duty. 

16.Parents will be held responsible for their children’s behavior and violation of any rules. Violators of the pool rules may be required to leave the pool premises at anytime.

17.No eating or drinking allowed within the roped off areas. Glass containers are not allowed on the pool deck.

18.Grills of any type are not allowed on the pool premises. 

19.No pets are allowed on the pool premises. 

20.Radios, tape players, CD players or other sound producing devices are prohibited except when used with personal headsets.

21.Personal use of the office telephone for incoming or outgoing calls is strictly prohibited.

22.Any accident or emergency must be reported to the pool staff immediately.

23.No running, roller-blading, or riding of scooters, bicycles or tricycles or ball playing allowed in the pool or surrounding areas.

24.Swim lanes are reserved for lap swimming only. Swimmers intending to swim laps during designated swim times shall indicate that intention on daily sign-in log and limit time to 30 minutes when more than two persons are waiting.

25.During aquatics classes and lap swim time, only participants are allowed to use the pool for the duration of the class and time period allotted for those specific times.

26.Lounges and chairs are available on a first come, first served basis; saving them is strictly prohibited.

27.Pool members and guests shall not move umbrellas, tables, or bases. This is the obligation of the pool staff.

28.No diving or cannonballing allowed in the pool. 

29.Children may be required to take a simple swim test before entering the deep end of the pool without an adult at the lifeguards’ discretion.

30.No formal instruction of any sort may be conducted without prior approval of management.

31.Selling, trading or vending of any personal property and or products is strictly prohibited on the pool premises and cabanas

 The Carl Sandburg Village Homeowners’ Association and Fitness Formula are not responsible for personal items left in common areas. Anyone in violation of the above rules, deemed unruly by the pool staff, under the influence of alcohol or exhibiting erratic behavior will be required to leave the pool premises immediately and may suffer loss of membership without privilege of refund.


Dog Runs

Dog runs are available for residents. Amenities include bag dispensers. Please remember to pick-up after your pets.

Dog Run

Children's Play Lot

The Village’s playground, known as the Tot Lot, is located at the corner of Clark and Goethe Streets.


Hospitality Rooms

Planning a party, reception, or shower? Two hospitality rooms are available for Village unit owners and residents to rent for social events.

The Alcott Hospitality Room can accommodate groups of up to 100 people. The room with warm and traditional décor has its own kitchen and bathroom facility. Located on the first floor of Alcott House, it is entered from and looks out on the beautifully landscaped 1400 Mall. The room has a $125 rental fee and a $250 refundable deposit.

The Eliot Hospitality Room is suitable for smaller meetings and parties, holding up to 50 people. Located in Eliot House, the room can be accessed through the building’s lobby or service entrance. It has its own kitchen and bathroom facilities. The room has a $95 rental fee and a $250 refundable deposit.

Arrange to view and rent the rooms through the Homeowners Association office at 1355 N. Sandburg Terrace, Room 103. Stop by or phone (312) 440-3615.

The Hospitality Room Reservation & Liability Release Form (PDF) can be downloaded.

Alcott Hospitality Room Reservation Form (Download Alcott download PDF)
Eliot Hospitality Room Reservation Form (Download Eliot download PDF)

Hospitality Rooms


Tennis Courts

Please call the Tennis Center with any questions about the Sandburg Tennis Center.
Tennis Center: (312) 440-3615.

Stop by the HOA office for an application or view and print the 2019 Tennis Court application (Download ApplicationdownloadPDF)
NOTE: Depending on your browser, the Tennis Court application may automatically download, or open in a new browser window or tab.

Tennis Court

Our 2019 Tennis Season

Open daily from 8:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m. beginning Friday, May 3rd

The Center will remain open until Sunday, October 20, 2019. Hours of play are weather permitting and restricted when reserved for private use. Court four is reserved for pickleball play.

Tennis Center Location

The Sandburg Tennis Center is above the Potash Supermart and parking garage located behind 70 West Burton Place (Faulkner House).  Entrance to the second-floor Tennis Center & courts is through the rear entrance to Faulkner House and up the stairwell just past the Management Office.


  • All Sandburg Village owners and residents are eligible to register for play.
  • Ages 14 and above may play without adults.  A registered owner/resident adult must accompany all other children.
  • Registration is required to play.


  • Begins April 22nd and continues through the entire season.
  • Bring a photo ID with your village address or other ownership verification to the HOA Office at 1355 N. Sandburg Terrace, RM 103, to register.
  • Plan to pay a $120 membership fee for fob allowing access to the Tennis Center.
  • Membership reduced to $60 on August 1st.
  • There is a limit of two fobs per unit, however a unit may register two people under the same fob.

 Court Procedures

  • Courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • When people are waiting for courts a 60-minute play limit must be observed.
  • Play begins and ends on the hour when others are waiting.
  • Courts may be reserved up to 48 hours in advance by signing the reservation log.
  • Day-to-day cleaning of courts (debris and water) is to be done by the players.
  • Court four is reserved for pickleball.

 Guest Policy

  • All guests must be accompanied by a registered fob holder. 
  • The number of guests is limited to the use of one court, i.e., one resident with up to three guests playing doubles. 
  • There must be one registered player per court in use. 
  • Guests are accountable to the Rules of the Tennis Center and of the Village. 
  • Fob holders are responsible for the conduct of their guests and liable for any damages or recoveries.



Mall Areas

Malls are an amenity that offer pleasant walkways and foliage to make living in the city sometimes seem like a walk down a country lane. These mall area photos provide insight into this great Village feature.